UCM Digital Health Forms Partnership to Launch Mobile Integrated Health Nationwide

UCM Digital Health, a telehealth and emergency care triage provider, is partnering with another emergency medicine group to expand patient-centered mobile resources beyond hospitals.

UCM and Empress Emergency Medical Services expect their collaboration to enable patients to access virtual and hands-on medical care at home, work, or anywhere else without having to visit the emergency room or emergency room.

“Mobile integrated healthcare allows us to address more patient issues at home so we don’t have to unnecessarily send them to any conventional facility,” said Keith Algozzin, CEO and co-founder of UCM Digital Health.

The companies launched their joint services for the first time in New York and plan to continue expanding the program nationally throughout the year, Algozzin said.

UCM Digital Health’s remote care teams are available 24/7 to patients on request for phone calls and virtual consultations. If UCM Digital Health doctors determine that a patient needs personal treatment, Empress sends a paramedic to them within an hour.

Empress EMS, headquartered in New York, is a division of PatientCare EMS Solutions that provides pre-hospital care and emergency medical services in several states.

Empress paramedics often perform tasks such as checking a patient’s vital signs and blood glucose levels, performing physical exams and ECGs, and assessing social health determinants to get a more complete and accurate picture of a patient’s health.

For high-risk patients, paramedics can administer increased evaluation, intravenous treatment and medication, and splinting or dressing a severe wound.

If patients are still not getting better after paramedics intervene, they will be taken to hospital if necessary, Algozzin said.

Home care can eliminate safety risks, close the gap between patients and doctors, and avoid hospital visits when possible, according to Kathy Valencia, local director of the Joint Commission.

“The goal of home care providers is to keep patients safe in their home,” she said. “That’s where patients want to be.”

Home care can also provide intravenous therapy or teach patients how to handle and store medications at home, Valencia said.

Quality-driven patients want care to be as accessible, accessible, convenient and personalized as possible, Algozzin says, and for UCM Digital Health, being patient-centric has led to better business outcomes.

“It’s about evaluating care and building a more complete solution so you can get the care you need, in the right place at the right time,” he said.

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