Tori Spelling responds to rumors that she had plastic surgery

  • Tori Spelling denied plastic surgery rumors during a recent radio interview with Jeff Lewis.
  • When asked why she looks “so good,” the 90210 star replied that it was all because of her makeup artist.
  • “She does makeup like no one else. I look completely different, ”Spelling said on the air of the radio show.

Tori Spelling denied plastic surgery rumors in a recent radio interview on Jeff Lewis Live.

When host Jeff Lewis asked her why she looked “so good,” Spelling denied having had expensive surgical procedures.

“Firstly, I now have an amazing makeup artist … and she does makeup like no one else. And my face – I look completely different, ”said the 90210 star.

“I look like I had nose surgery. As if everything is all right now, ”she added. “These are all contours.”

Spelling also noted that her skin looked “flawless” like an exosome facial.

“Maybe I look younger. They said I looked like Snooki’s age – she’s 33, I’m like, ‘I’ll take this,’ joked Spelling, 48.

The “Messyness” host first sparked plastic surgery rumors after she posted on Instagram a photo of herself and hairdresser Laura Rughetti on September 3.

Both women wear the same denim jumpsuits, but followers quickly noted that Spelling looked a lot like Khloe Kardashian, who was also suspected of having extensive cosmetic surgery.

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When TMZ interview Spelling said at Malibu Chili Restaurant Cook-Off on September 6 that she was “honored” by being compared to a reality TV star.

“She is gorgeous,” – author of “Story of Stories.” said to TMZ Kardashian.

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