ThedaCare drops lawsuit to prevent employees from leaving for Ascension Island

ThedaCare has stopped trying to get an injunction to stop seven employees from leaving to work for a competitor, the health care system in Nina, Wisconsin, said Friday.

The case against Ascension Northeast Wisconsin faced an uphill battle after a judge struck down a temporary order barring workers from leaving ThedaCare’s flagship hospital for the same positions less than seven miles from Ascension’s Appleton center in St. Louis. On Friday, ThedaCare’s attorney filed a voluntary termination notice with the Autagami County District Court.

“We regret that this situation has affected the seven team members who have taken positions outside of ThedaCare, and we have made efforts to minimize the risk to them during the day between appointments,” said ThedaCare CEO Dr. Imran Andrabi. news release. “We wish them well in their new roles.”

ThedaCare, which operates seven hospitals, alleged in its lawsuit that seven members of its 11-member interventional radiology and cardiovascular team are leaving at the same time, putting patients at risk. The crew deals with serious cases such as injuries and stroke. Ascension rejected this argument and noted that staff would provide the same care at a nearby hospital. Ascension also pointed out that ThedaCare refused to make a counteroffer to the workers to force them to stay.

ThedaCare continues to insist that the sole purpose of the lawsuit was to protect patients. “We have worked hard to ensure safe, quality and consistent access to the high-level services that our communities rely on in the most serious and life-threatening situations,” said Andrabi.

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