The young mother who lost all her teeth while pregnant turns into TikTok


  • TikToker @princxssglitterhead has gone viral since its transformation from toothless to gorgeous.
  • The mother of four experienced caries and loss during her pregnancies.
  • She shares her experience with dentures to help other young people with tooth problems.
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A mother who lost her teeth during pregnancy now uses clip-in prostheses, and her transformation has went viral on TikTok.

Alicia, what’s going on? “princxssglitterhead “ on TikTok and that her last name is not public, she experienced several dental problems and repairs during her four pregnancies.

Her video before and after TikTok shows her going from toothless and trickless to bamboo with white pearls to help other young people embarrassed by their dental problems.

“Once we got to a point with our teeth, we didn’t even anticipate it better,” Alicia said in a first YouTube video. “We’re too complacent, and I accept it as my fate – you only have shitty teeth and you’ll never like them.”

Alicia has had dental problems with each of her four pregnancies

Alicia did not have any growing dental problems, except for a front tooth that was grown small. When she was pregnant with her first child at 21, she experienced some toothache but was not too worried. “I had no idea how much pregnancy was really affecting my body until I had my baby,” she said on YouTube.

At that point, his two front teeth broke and he had partial replacements.

“He took a huge emotional hit that was losing his teeth,” he said. “[My husband] he married me with perfect teeth … and next year his wife is missing his old teeth. ”

Alicia, now 36, had three other children before she turned 31, each aggravating dental problems and causing a variety of treatments, which were limited by what she could afford. She said she remembers calling the dentist after her second child “feeling like it was the end of my life.”

Then, in her early 30s, Alicia found a dentist who developed a long-term financial plan and, over the course of about a year, created the clip-in prosthesis she shows today. In all, it cost $ 16,900 to pay over five years.

“It’s been more than two years for me, and I really feel so stunned that I feel like myself,” she said.

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Hormonal changes, genetics and nutrition can affect teeth and gums during pregnancy.

Alicia said poor genetics and nutrition have contributed to her caries. He had also feared at the dentist since he had fired after accidentally ingesting fluoride during a child appointment. “This led me to delay treatment,” she said.

According to u March of Dimes, Tooth problems can arise during pregnancy due to hormonal, dietary and behavioral changes. For example, moms who may be can avoid flossing or brush their teeth a lot if it makes them nauseous.

But diligent dental care during pregnancy is critical to prevent cavities, gingivitis (or swollen gums), dental caries, and “pregnancy tumors” or sensitive benign lumps on the gums.

Pregnant people should be careful to brush their teeth twice a day, especially after vomiting from morning sickness; eat healthy; and visit your dentist at least once during those nine months.

Alicia also recommends calcium supplements, and without hesitation look for a dentist that meets your needs.

“It’s really important that you explore your options,” he said. “Just look. You don’t have to make any decisions. Just let your curiosity find what you need. Don’t be afraid to look.”


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