The portable padded crate my dog ​​loves

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Timid and nervous, my rescue dog Poppy needed space to feel comfortable when I bought it a year ago, so I bought a medium sized Go Pet Club foldable padded dog crate. Although Poppy is a small 12 lb. corgi mix, I wanted her to have more room while I left her at home.

My companion and I often refer to this crate as Poppy’s “tiny house” or “tent,” and it’s her favorite place to hide in a storm or when she just wants to be alone. Also, it folds up for easy transport as we proceed travel

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Our review of the Go Pet Club foldable soft dog box

Poppy is 7 years old and has a sluggish, slightly lazy demeanor. When I first brought her home, she was friendly but nervous and often tried to hide under my bed or somewhere else in the dark. She seemed to genuinely enjoy hiding in dark places, so I decided to buy her a box.

As soon as I put Poppy’s bed in the canvas drawer, she immediately walked in and spent the whole day in the blissful sleep and contentment of her dark cave. There are also side panels that can be folded up or down on either side of the drawer to adjust the lighting.

Like many young dog parents, I felt guilty about leaving Poppy alone when I needed to run errands. However, knowing that she found comfort in her tiny house, I felt better leaving her.

Exterior view of a foldable dog crate of the go club and a dog sitting next to it

The foldable dog crate has mesh panels on the sides that can be covered for added privacy or unfolded to let in more light.

Anna Popp / Insider

The Go Pet Club box is ideal not only for home use but also for travel. I take the box with me wherever we go, in case Poppy gets too horny and needs to be quiet. The box folds quickly into a canvas tote bag that fits easily into my Subaru Forester.

Now, a year later, Poppy’s favorite place in our house is her cozy box. This not only helped her transition to a new life with me, but it also remained a safe place for her when she could not be on my lap or at my feet.

What makes it different from others

I have really loved the soft crates ever since I bought the Go Pet Club crate. While I understand how useful steel wire drawers are, I don’t like Poppy’s awkward look or size.

I find it easier to leave her in her drawer, which zips up like a tent. Since she loves to spend time in her, I am pleased to know that she is safe and happy in her cave.

With its portability and soft design, it always makes me and my dog ​​feel comfortable.

foldable dog box in the corner of the room

The drawer fits perfectly in the corner of my bedroom.

Anna Popp / Insider


There is no dog bedding in the box, but it comes with a removable, lightly padded lining. The removable pad feels like a piece of cardboard with a cloth over it, so it’s useless in most cases. I always keep Poppy’s dog bed in a drawer and only take it out if I give her Kong full of dirty peanut butter.

Another drawback is that it doesn’t look attractive, but is there a dog crate? I keep it in the corner of my room so that it doesn’t irritate my eyes too much. You can easily throw a blanket over it if you want to hide the large logo on the front.

The essence

Parenting a pet can be challenging, especially with a puppy that has issues like anxiety. The purchase of the Go Pet Club soft crate helped Poppy and me to get to know and adapt to life with each other.

The dog lies in a foldable dog box go pet club

Poppy spends time relaxing in her dog bed inside a crate.

Anna Popp / Insider

Poppy can’t get enough of messing around in her tiny house, especially when she’s scared by thunder or wants to be left alone. Her demeanor instantly changes to relaxed as she crawls into her box, and I feel good knowing it can accompany us wherever we go.

While Poppy is still adjusting and building her confidence, adopting her was the best decision I made. I am delighted to have found the Go Pet Club foldable soft box that will keep her comfortable at all times.

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