The Gaps in Between Them: DEI Going Beyond the Status Quo

When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusiveness, most organizations and their leaders have a strong desire to bring about systemic change, not only within their organizations, but also in the broader communities they serve. With so many leaders and organizations striving to provide a safe space for these kinds of important conversations, we are experiencing a resurgence of momentum for true, much-needed change.

Courageous and curious leaders tend to have honest conversation and feel more comfortable when they are uncomfortable. But we must not lose sight of the long and difficult road ahead.

While you may not be as far along the path as you hoped, or you may not know where to start your DEI journey, taking time to reflect is the only way to go from reactive to proactive. If you are vulnerable about where you are as an organization and reflect on the hard truths that will make your next steps clear.

As you move along the path, remember that change happens instantly. Every little step, conversation and action builds on the next to create a solid foundation for diversity, fairness and inclusiveness. Find your entry point and work as a team, as an organization and as a community to find the gaps and fill them with determination, dedication and discipline to close the gap.

Do the job of incorporating diverse experiences and fairness into every interaction, every step, and every moment:

  • Push the boundaries of your comfort – integrated into your daily practice.
  • Challenge yourself and others to create a safe space.
  • Provide tools for complex conversations.
  • Share what works and be honest about what doesn’t.
  • Be transparent about where you are as an organization. Hear and learn from your team members about their experiences.
  • Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into tangible, measurable results that affect everything you do.

What follows from this vulnerability will amaze you. Leaders at all levels of your organization will stand, speak, and take action. Hug and inspire these leaders for more to come. Go beyond the status quo, uncheck the boxes, and make lasting positive change.

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