The Best Yoga Accessories for 2021


  • Yoga accessories can benefit yogis of all levels by helping to deepen poses or maintain safe alignment.
  • A well-pasdded mat, an adjustable strap, or a backing strap can minimize the risk of injury at home.
  • Our main choices include a sustainably made grippy rug, a wide bamboo block and Bala Bangles weights.

Starting with yoga practice or deepening your existing is one of the easiest ways to it reduces anxiety and stress, and also improves one’s mental health. It also challenges the muscles, moves your body through its natural range of motion, and, with the correct flow, increases your heart rate.

There are few better options for those who want them improve their health without taking intense activity, as well. Studies show having a regular yoga practice actually reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood cholesterol. It may not feel as hard as a HIIT workout but it still gets your blood flowing and your body moving – and allows you to reap similar benefits.

Like the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit access to gyms and yoga studios, practice at home it has become more and more popular. But apart from a standard yoga mat, there are many other accessories designed to help improve sessions, no matter your skill level or type of favorite class. Maybe follow a virtual stream or you’ll just like to go through a few asanas on your own – however, having props like a belt or a reinforcement at home helps replicate the challenge and safety of a class in person.

As a 200RYT Hatha yoga teacher unable to teach or take classes in yoga studies in person, I learned to cultivate my own practice at home. I offer online classes via

to beginner and intermediate yogis and have found that students who have items such as belts and blocks are able to deepen their poses and reduce the risk of injury. Even the addition of a few simple hand weights is able to improve a session.


But since the growing yoga industry continues to discard new brands, pieces of equipment and accessories, it’s hard to know if what you’re collecting is right for you and your body. To help, I’ve tried dozens of yoga mats and accessories during my decades-long yoga practice, and this guide includes a selection of my favorites that I continue to turn to for everyday use.

At the bottom of this guide, I offer a few extra accessories for consideration and includes a list of what to look for when you buy yoga accessories. Detail too as I tried every yoga accessory listed, and why choose the accessories that are right for you it is important.

Here are our top picks for the best yoga accessories:

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