Tan France says he has no pleasure in breastfeeding his baby

  • Tan France’s son was born seven weeks earlier in mid-July and only returned home this week.
  • Frans and his husband Rob decided to feed their son Ismail with milk formulas.
  • France hopes his story will help parents who feel condemned for their feeding choices.
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Even though Tan France is a homosexual male who gave birth to a baby by a surrogate, most people assumed that France and his husband Rob would breastfeed their baby, he said on Instagram on Wednesday.

“Since we announced that we will have a baby, people have been asking, ‘Where will you get donated milk? “” Will the surrogate mother donate her milk? ” – said France on Instagram. video made in partnership with the formula company Bobbie. “It’s such a strange thing that nobody ever talked about the formula.”

France posted the video during Breastfeeding Month, which he acknowledged in the caption to the video.

“This is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, where one type of breastfeeding is put on a pedestal of society, and those who cannot or choose not to do so feel second in terms of formula feeding,” Frans wrote.

France announced she and Rob became parents earlier this week. Their son Ismail was born to a surrogate mother on July 10, but spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit as he was born seven weeks ahead of schedule. Francis brought Ismail home this week.

In a video filmed before Ismail returned home, France explained how the decision to feed formula milk was easy.

“My mom had five children,” he said. “She had two jobs. She couldn’t breastfeed me. My husband is an artificial child. My surrogate mother cannot express milk, so we plan to feed our baby with formula, because it makes sense for our life. “

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The video drew a lot of comments, including from friends and family, whom France did not even know were ashamed of the formula feeding.

“I’ve received so many messages from friends I didn’t know who were battling breastfeeding or balancing breastfeeding with formula,” he said. follow-up conversation on instagram live.

In this discussion, France stressed that he does not shame those who breastfeed; he points out that formula is also an acceptable way of feeding a newborn.

“For any of those women who watch this, I’m not saying that breastfeeding is bad,” he said. “We do not judge you for breastfeeding. It is wonderful that you have the luxury and privilege of breastfeeding your baby. I cant. I can’t physically. And that’s why I need a mixture. We”. I am not saying that this is better. We’re just saying this is a great option. This is an option for people who cannot or cannot breastfeed. ”

France said the way to bridge the gap between formula and breastfeeding is to tell stories.

“There should be no guilt on either side, or shame on both sides, as long as there are respectful questions and conversations that come from a place and an intention to understand,” he said. “People sharing their stories is what will help bridge this gap and be less ashamed.”

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