See how this absolute walrus unit floats down the belly on a boat

  • A video of a giant walrus flopping onto a small boat appeared on Twitter this week.
  • In the video, the walrus manages to board the boat after long strokes and clapping.
  • Twitter users have speculated that the walrus could be Wally, a boat-loving beast known for accidentally capsizing ships off the coast of Ireland.

The internet is amused by the sight of an absolute walrus struggling to board the boat.

A 30-second video that flew around on Twitter on August 31 shows the walrus struggling to lower its enormous body onto an empty, anchored boat. After long waves and clapping, the walrus eventually manages to slip between the passenger seats of the boat, almost knocking the boat over.

“Maybe he just wanted to cool down,” the woman hears.

However, the walrus did not take over the boat forever. Another video showed him flapping his flippers and trying to get out, although disembarkation also proved to be a difficult task.

He spent a good ten seconds, half getting in and half out of the boat, tilting the boat dangerously in one direction, until he successfully pulled away from the boat, splashing into the water.

It is unclear where these videos were filmed, but Twitter users speculate that it may have been Wally, the boat-loving walrus. known for accidentally sinking and damaging boats off the Irish coast because of his many attempts to board a fishing boat to rest.

To keep Wally from sinking more boats, British Divers Marine Life Rescue and the Isles of Scilly have built for him individual pontoon – a small area that almost resembles a floating mattress – in July.

According to BBCWally was on a pretty summer break. It is believed that since March he has driven more than 2,500 miles along the coast of Western Europe from Spain to Wales and Cornwall.

It is not known where Wally will go, but it is hoped that he eventually return to colder waters near its original arctic habitat.

Until then, big boy.

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