Safe Browns catapulted after stomping opponent, push coach

  • Safety Browns’ Ronnie Harrison was eliminated in the 10th minute of Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.
  • Harrison pushed assistant coach Greg Lewis on the sideline after the game.
  • Harrison also shoved his thorn into the chest of the fleeing Clyde Edwards-Heler.

Cleveland Brown’s safety Ronnie Harrison played just 10 minutes before the start of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs following an altercation with a Kansas City sideline coach.

After chasing backward Clyde Edwards-Heler for a tackle, assistant coach Greg Lewis pushed Harrison to get Harrison out of Edwards-Heler. Harrison responded with a push of his own.

Another video angle showed Harrison pushing the Edwards-Heler spike on the ground, causing Lewis to push.

On the field, the referees initially called a 15-yard penalty to the senior referees’ bench for unsporting behavior, resulting in anger on the Kansas City sideline.

But before play resumed, officials replayed to correct the mistake, opting for penalty points and Harrison’s bailout instead.

The league can also fine Harrison later in the week in addition to bailing him out.

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