Rensselaer and Mount Sinai Partner at the Terminal Disease Center

“It will be a new biotech center and Rensselaer will be at the center of it,” said Gary Zarr, a spokesman for the university, located north of Troy. “This is just the beginning and the lab is expected to continue to grow in scale and size.”

According to the plan, the center will employ 60 people, including new faculty, research scientists, doctoral students, postdoctoral students and support staff. Research will continue at the Rensselaer campus in Troy.

The Center for Engineering and Precision Medicine is the result of collaborative work already being done by researchers Rensselaer and Icahn Mount Sinai in precision medicine, a personalized approach to disease management and prevention based on individual biological, environmental and lifestyle factors.

Precision medicine is being implemented in areas such as cancer immunology, neuroinflammation, and regenerative and reparative medicine.

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“I really think this is going to be the future of medicine,” said RPI President Shirley Ann Jackson. “We have all this data and it’s clinical data and they have all this patient data. But the question is how to connect all this at a gross level and connect it with an understanding of what is really happening in a person’s life at the cellular level?

Jackson added that there is a long way to go to understand how certain genes lead to diseases like breast cancer.

The new center is expected to focus on three areas of research: neuroengineering, immunoengineering, and regenerative and reparative medicine.

The center will also host academic programs to help students pursue joint, dual or individual doctoral degrees at Rensselaer and Mount Sinai, partners said.

Founded in 1824, RPI had total net assets of about $938 million last year, according to a PWC audit. His donations last year exceeded $1 billion. Mount Sinai has $3.2 billion in operating revenue.

This story first appeared in our sister publication, Crane’s business in New York.

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