Renown Health fired the staff, set up a freeze on hiring

Renown Health said Thursday it will lay off 166 employees and delay some of its hiring efforts because of lower patient care volumes caused by the pandemic.

The Reno-based health system in Nev has more than 7,000 employees in California and Nevada. He said the reductions mainly affect management and administrative positions.

Employees who lose their jobs will receive a severance pay and all benefits, according to Renown, and the company will stop occupying 176 jobs until further notice.

“We are focused on meeting the needs of the community and doing it in the most efficient way possible, so we can provide that high-quality, high-quality service that we are known for, at an appropriate cost to serve the community,” he said. Dr. Anthony Slonim, President and CEO of Renown Health.

While eliminating certain posts, Renown plans to continue recruiting for clinical roles and jobs that support direct care to patients.

Slonim said the layoffs are part of a comprehensive realignment strategy that includes reassigning staff to more consumer-focused positions and providing transformative telehealth options for those in remote areas.

Jobs will be retained for nurses, doctors, pharmacists and others who provide care at the field level, and leadership roles will be distributed more effectively, he said.

The healthcare industry it lost about 12,200 jobs in June, according to preliminary estimates by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hospitals have lost an estimated 5,500 jobs. The hiring strike marked the industry’s first decline since January 2021.

“A lot of [patient] the volume is not returned because [care is] being provided in a way that is more efficient and different than it was before the pandemic, “Slonim said.” We just need to ensure that, as an agile organization, we continue to adapt and provide care as people want to receive it. ”

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