Rare Ebola outbreak declared in Uganda |

United Nations World Health OrganizationWHO) said Tuesday that a sample taken from a 24-year-old man has been identified as a relatively rare Sudanese strain.

it for the first time in more than a decade, the Sudanese strain was found in Uganda.where there was also an outbreak of the Zairian strain ebola virus in 2019.

Suspicious deaths

The latest outbreak follows six suspicious deaths in Mubende district this month. it’s the same eight suspected cases who are receiving assistance in a medical institution.

Dr Matshidiso Moeti, World Health Organization Regional Director for Africa, said the UN agency is working closely with Ugandan authorities to investigate the source and support efforts to control it.

“Uganda is no stranger to effectively fighting Ebola,” she said. “Thanks to his experience, measures were taken to quickly detect the virus. and we can rely on this knowledge to stop the spread of infections.”

No effective vaccine

Existing Ebola vaccines have proven effective against the Zairian strain, but it is unclear if they will be as effective against the Sudanese strain, the WHO said in a statement.

Ebola is a severe, often fatal disease that affects humans and other primates. It has six different strains, three of which – Bundibugyo, Sudan and Zaire – have previously caused major outbreaks.

Mortality rates for the Sudanese strain have ranged from 41 percent to 100 percent in past outbreaks.. Early deployment of maintenance therapy significantly reduces Ebola deaths, according to the WHO.

Sending Consumables

The agency has sent supplies to help patients and is sending a specialized tent to be used to isolate patients.

Although ring vaccination of people in high-risk groups with Ervebo (rVSV-ZEBOV) has been highly effective in controlling the spread of Ebola during recent outbreaks in the DRC and other countries, according to WHO, this vaccine has only been approved for protection against the Zaire strain.

Another vaccine, made by pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson, may be effective but has yet to be specifically tested against the Sudanese strain.

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