R. Kelly Prosecutor Describes Attempt To Destroy Sex Tapes

  • Prosecutor R. Kelly testified about how she tried to force him to destroy the sex tapes that he made against her will.
  • She said that her 6-month sexual relationship with the R&B singer when she was 17 was the worst period of her life.
  • Kelly once said it was okay for him to love young women because he was a “genius,” she said.

The woman who testified in R. Kelly’s trial in the sex crimes case on Thursday said she tried and failed to convince the singer to destroy the sex tapes he had filmed.

The woman, who was identified in court as “Stephanie”, stated that she had sexual relations with R. Kelly in 1999, when she was 17 years old.

She said that Kelly filmed them having sex even when she didn’t want to, and described the six months of their relationship as the lowest moment of her life.

“I’ve never been so threatened before or after,” Stephanie said through tears. “He humiliated me. He humiliated me. He scared me. I will never forget how he treated me. “

Other prosecutors said Kelly obsessively filmed sex videos with women. One woman who testified earlier this week said he kept up to six iPads in a backpack that he or a member of his entourage carried around with him to record every sexual encounter.

In a current trial in federal court in Brooklyn, prosecutors accused Kelly of running a criminal enterprise in which he forced other people to recruit women for sex, and that he sexually assaulted these women and produced pornography for these experiences. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was also tried on child pornography charges in 2008 and acquitted.

Kelly said he liked young women and said it was okay because he was a “genius.”

Stephanie said that a member of Kelly’s entourage first approached her at Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonalds a year earlier, when she was 16, and gave her Kelly’s number. Kelly’s studio manager testified earlier Thursday that Kelly often instructed his employees to give. your phone number to women who were interested in the singer.

The teenager is “not interested,” she said, and then threw out the number. But she met Kelly in person a year later when he had an event around the corner at the hotel’s coffee shop where she worked as a barista. She indicated that she wanted to ask him if he would meet her close friend, who was an aspiring singer.

Stephanie said she entered into a relationship with Kelly after being sexually abused.

“It was definitely the worst part of my life,” she said. “I had low self-esteem. I have already been sexually assaulted by my family member, my boss, the men on the street. I was vulnerable. “

She said her experiences with Kelly were humiliating. According to her, he “orchestrated the sounds” she made and forced her to have sexual intercourse in front of other people. Sometimes he would leave in the midst of sex and demand that she remain in the same position for several hours until he returned, erupting if her body moved as she showed.

During one dinner with two rappers named “Boo” and “Gotti” – apparently a hip-hop duo who collaborated with Kelly and Jay-Z on 2001’s single “Fiesta”, Kelly said that he likes “young girls “Stephanie said. Kelly compared himself to Jerry Lee Lewis, a famous singer and songwriter whose career began to wane when he married his 13-year-old cousin.

“He mentioned that he likes young girls and that people attach great importance to that,” Stephanie said before quoting Kelly, “Look at Jerry Lee Lewis. He is a genius and I am a genius. We should be allowed to do whatever we want. See what we are giving to the world. “

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker speaks during the trial of R. Kelly at the Federal District Court of Brooklyn in New York, USA, on August 26, 2021, in a sketch of the courtroom.

REUTERS / Jane Rosenberg

Stephanie testified that she tried to leave Kelly in the fall of 1999 after a particularly humiliating sexual experience. But, she said, she was held back by the sex tapes that Kelly kept.

She met with him personally several times and offered to destroy the records, but, according to her, he was evading obligations.

In the end, she broke off contact after a phone call when, when she again asked to destroy the tapes, he asked her to come to his studio. Stephanie said she thought he just wanted more sex.

“It was then that I realized that he had no intention of destroying the records,” she said.

She stated that this was the last time she spoke to him.

“I felt used, humiliated and humiliated,” she said. “I didn’t want to feel offended anymore.”

In the courtroom, Stephanie was accompanied by her lawyer, Gloria Allred. Nicole Blank Becker, one of Kelly’s lawyers who questioned Stephanie, addressed Allred’s presence in the courtroom. She asked if Allred could represent her in a civil action against Kelly, where she could be awarded monetary compensation. The prosecutor said she did not speak or plan to file a civil suit.

Stephanie said she never publicly shared her experiences and never planned to do so again.

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