Queen’s death memo leaked warns of London fracture

  • British and royal family officials have plans in the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • They warn that London services and police could reach critical levels due to potential crowds.
  • Note received Politico, warns that London could be “complete” for the first time.

London could be overcrowded with everything from housing to health care and law enforcement as crowds could gather in the city after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a leaked document warns.

Politico received documents which show how the royal family and UK government officials are planning to deal with the queen’s death, although Politico notes that there is no indication that officials expect this to happen anytime soon.

Officials fear crowds, including tourists arriving in London, could overcrowd the city and have responded by organizing a security operation.

One note said London could be “full” for the first time.

It said it would be the worst-case scenario, Politico reports, with hundreds of thousands of people trying to get to the city.

“Housing, roads, public transport, food, police, health care and basic services have been pushed to the limit,” Politico reports.

National security and intelligence officials will also be on high alert for a potential terrorist threat, Politico reported.

In addition, officials have warned that there may not be enough officers to manage the crowd, the report said.

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