Modern Healthcare launches digital health media brand

The new media brand launched by Modern Healthcare will cover the latest news on digital health technologies, from hardware, software and services to finance, investment and mergers and acquisitions.

The digital health business and technology was created by combining the expertise of the editors of Modern Healthcare magazine and a decade of information and analysis on global digital health transactions from Mercom Capital’s digital health business in June 2021.

The brand’s product portfolio will include a website with news, research and quarterly M&A reports, weekly virtual newsletters, and a Digital Health Alert for the latest industry news.

“Digital health business and technology offerings will serve the needs of the entire digital health ecosystem, enabling healthcare leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors to determine how best to use digital health solutions to improve outcomes, accelerate innovation and business growth,” said Faun Lopez , publisher of Modern Healthcare, in a press release.

All pools of digital health value are expected to grow at least 8% annually through 2024, leading to an estimated market size of at least $ 600 billion, according to McKinsey & Company. In 2019, digital health was a global market worth about $ 350 billion.

Certain healthcare executives, entrepreneurs, investment firms, private and institutional investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms are eligible for a limited time to register for trial access to online content and e-newsletters from Digital Health Business & Technology.

“The digital health portfolio will provide insight and insight into the business value of various digital health solutions for healthcare leaders and technicians in clinical organizations to identify technology solutions that are ideal to accelerate their digital health strategies, as well as investors who track transactions. IPOs and M&A to identify trends and investment opportunities in digital health companies, ”said John Morton, general manager, Digital Health Business & Technology.

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