Missouri Hospital Treats Record Number of Virus Patients


A Missouri hospital hit a “sad new record” on Sunday when the number of coronavirus patients undergoing treatment rose to 187, the administrator said.

CoxHealth CEO Steve Edwards urged residents to get vaccinated via Twitter “to protect others, protect children, protect our community.”

On Saturday, Edwards wrote on social media that the hospital had 180 infected inpatients, a new record at the time, according to the Kansas City Star. There were only 28 patients about eight weeks ago, he said.

“I cannot understand the motives of people who are dismissive of healthcare providers and belittling the reality of this pandemic,” Edwards said on Twitter as health officials continue to urge Missourians to get vaccinated as the more aggressive delta variant added to the recent spike in infections. and diseases. lethal outcomes.

In Green County, where Springfield is located, 42.5% of the population has started vaccinations and 36.2% have completed the vaccination process. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Elderly Services, 48.1% of the population have started vaccinations and 41.3% have completed vaccinations.

An additional 887 people have tested positive for COVID-29 in Green County in the last week, according to the state. Increasingly, children with the virus are being admitted to hospitals.

On Thursday, more than 300 people were admitted to hospital with COVID-19 in two health systems in Springfield, including three patients under the age of 10.


There were 145 COVID-19 patients at Mercy Springfield that day, Chief Administrative Officer Eric Frederick said. Five of these patients were under 20 years of age and three under 10 years of age.

Ninety-three percent of patients were not vaccinated.

Meanwhile, officials in St. Louis have asked people who attended Tuesday’s city council meeting to be quarantined, including five councilors, the county executive director and the director of the county health department, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Most of those present at the rally came to protest the joint mandate of the city and the district on masks and were not wearing masks. According to Dr. Fredrik Echols, acting director of the city’s health department, a city resident who attended the meeting developed symptoms the next day and was tested for COVID-19 on Thursday.

On Saturday, the city’s health department received a positive notice, prompting a recommendation that everyone attending the meeting, even those fully vaccinated, be quarantined for the next nine days to end the 14-day quarantine period.

The restrictions provoked harsh reactions. St. Louis County Health Director Faisal Khan said he was attacked and bombarded with racial slurs after defending a new mandate over masks. One county councilor asked if Han was telling the truth.

Khan spoke at a meeting of the St. Louis County Council on Tuesday when the council voted 5-2 to overturn the mandate for masks imposed by Democratic County Executive Director Sam Page. The resurgent coronavirus began its summer attack in under-vaccinated rural Missouri, but is increasingly leading to new cases and hospitalizations in St. Louis.

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