Mayo Clinic Requires Visitors To Use Medical Grade Masks

All patients and visitors entering Mayo Clinic are required to wear surgical masks. System officials say the move aims to better protect the system from COVID-19 and, in particular, the omicron variant. This is just one of the changes hospitals are making in response to the recent surge in disease.

Although several studies approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, demonstrates the effectiveness of high quality, multi-layer sheet masks, Mayo announced On Wednesday, there was a need for more standardization due to the wide range of camouflages worn by patients and visitors.

“For example, it is common to wear single-layer sheet masks, neck gaiters and bandanas, which do not provide optimal protection for the health and safety of everyone,” the Mayo Clinic said in a statement.

The center will offer medical grade masks to all patients and visitors during the screening or registration process if patients do not come in their own.

Patients with unacceptable masks, such as exhalation valves, gaiters, or bandanas, will be required to wear an N-95 or KN-95 surgical mask, although patients will not be required to remove their cloth mask and may choose to wear an appropriate mask over their personal one.

Reports generally show that surgical masks are statistically favorable in terms of reducing the spread of COVID-19and that cloth masks should generally be used as the last alternative

The Mayo Clinic said permanent camouflage is needed in conjunction with vaccinations and COVID-19 boosters, as well as physical distancing, to provide adequate protection against surges and COVID-19 variants.

Health systems across the country, such as Southwestern Vermont Health Care, Harris Health System, Valley Health System, Hackensack Meridian Health, and the New Jersey Hospital Association, have returned to restricting visitors as cases and hospitalizations rise.

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