Mayo Clinic joins others in demanding workers vaccinated

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (AP) – The Mayo Clinic says it will require employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus by mid-September, which will be one of the last health systems to do so as delta cases are on the rise across the country.

The medical system in Rochester said the “vast majority” of its employees were already vaccinated. But it says all employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or complete the opt-out process by September 17.

“Our patients expect to be safe when they come to Mayo Clinic, and we must do everything we can to protect everyone,” Dr. Gianrico Farruja, the clinic’s president and CEO, said Monday.

Staff who refuse vaccinations must complete training modules and must wear masks and maintain social distancing at work.

Mayo said he is joining dozens of health systems across the country requiring vaccinations due to rising COVID-19 cases nationally, low vaccination rates in many communities, and threat of options.

Health Commissioner Ian Malcolm said Monday that Minnesota is not actively considering vaccination requirements, but welcomes employers voluntarily take such steps.

“We encourage it, we applaud when employers take this step,” Malcolm said at the briefing. “Healthcare employers can certainly play a real leadership role here, and we appreciate that they take this very seriously.”

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