Mark Proksch Says Bob Odenkirk’s Healthcare “Scared”

  • Mark Proksch shared his thoughts on Bob Odenkirk’s health concerns in a recent interview with Insider.
  • “It was incredibly scary,” said the star of “What are we doing in the shade”.
  • Proksch called his former colleague “mentor” and said he was lucky enough to also call Odenkirk his friend.

“What Are We Doing in the Shadows” star Mark Proksch talked about his reaction to the recent health threat to Bob Odenkirk in a new interview with Insider.

“It was incredibly scary,” Proksch said of the Odenkirk collapse on the set of Better Call Saul in late July. “He is a mentor, and he is my hero, and, oddly enough, I can call him a friend.”

Proksch told Insider that he reached out to the Odenkirk family (Odenkirk’s wife Naomi is also Proksch’s manager) right after the Breaking Bad star was hospitalized.

“It’s scary and he is an incredibly energetic person who is always on the move,” said Proksch, who has repeatedly played the role of Daniel Wormwald in Better Call Saul.

“When something like this happens, it really shakes you to the core,” he added.

Bob Odenkirk and Mark Proksch about "Better call Saul."

Bob Odenkirk and Mark Proksch on Better Call Saul.


On July 28, news broke for the first time that Odenkirk had passed out while filming Better Call Saul in New Mexico. He was then rushed to the hospital and tweeted a few days later that he had had a “minor heart attack.”

On August 7, Odenkirk tweeted that he had his own experience “It’s a wonderful life” with people “insisting” that he “makes the world a little better.”

And on Thursday, the actor shared a photo of him doing his makeup on set, showing him back to work on Better Call Saul.

“So happy to be here and to live such a special life surrounded by such good people,” Odenkirk wrote.

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