Mark Jacob says he has a list of faces and shared his selfie after surgery


  • Marc Jacobs shared did a facelift on Instagram on July 21.
  • Fans praised the famous fashion designer for talking openly about his surgery.
  • A facelift can give people a more youthful appearance by removing excess skin along the jawline.
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Celebrity fashion designer Marc Jacobs revealed that on July 21, he did surgical makeup on his face. post a selfie after a facelift on Instagram.

The post shows a 58-year-old man wrapped in gauze, wearing a mask, and covered with a surgical tube to help drain the wound. He signed the photo with hashtags #livelovelift and # f – kgravity. Jacobs also shared that he had surgery. Dr. Andrew Yakono in NYC.

A post posted by Marc Jacobs (@themarcjacobs)

Followers praised Jacobs in the comments for being so outspoken about the procedure, as celebrities have been criticized in the past for the opacity of their plastic surgeries.

“For me, it’s transparency,” wrote Ashley Marie Preston, social media specialist and presenter.

A facelift tightens the skin, making it look more youthful and toned.

A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten the skin along the jawline and around the eyes.

In accordance with Mayo ClinicSurgeons cut each side of the face and pull the excess skin along the hairline to give the face a youthful appearance. However, a facelift cannot get rid of wrinkles or fine lines caused by sun exposure.

Tubes attached to the incision area, such as the ones Jacobs shows in his post, are designed to drain excess fluid from that area as the skin heals after surgery.


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