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As many of you may be experiencing, getting back to normal this summer has not been without some hurdles. In restaurants, I patiently wait for the waiter with the menu to realize that I should have scanned the QR code on the table in front of me.

My feet reject all forms of footwear except Birkenstocks regardless of destination and clothing. And when I was preparing for a work trip after a year and a half at home, thinking about flight options and carry-on luggage makes me dizzy.

Through this, I found myself striving for an experience that would simply take me back to the pre-COVID days – say, a joyous ride to the playground with my son, taking too long a walk around Target, and diving into a new healthcare design. projects.

I hope the latter will give you the same feeling of joy – thanks to our 21st annual Design Showcase. There is comfort in tradition and it really is one of the best places.

Showcase is both a compilation of recent healthcare design projects (applications must be completed within the last three years) and a competition for planning, design and construction excellence. This year, of course, there was no shortage of nominations for the award; In fact, we are honoring four projects with Merit Awards, three with honorable mentions and four more with finalists. And diving into the details and nuances of all 48 Showcase projects is a journey worth taking.

For example, in our Award of Merit winners, we have a design prototype from CallisonRTKL for the Saint Francis healthcare system, which we covered in an editorial a few years ago at the time of its inception. Here we can highlight his latest developments and worthy of note for his modular, adaptable and flexible solution for the primary health care clinic. It is a design that meets many modern requirements when it comes to an innovative ambulatory treatment model, especially how it takes into account the experience of both patients and staff.

Next to it is the Guilin Medical University Hospital, represented by HDR and Zhejiang Modern Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd., a striking project underway in Guilin, Guangxi, China. The scale alone grabs attention: 2.2 million square feet and 1,700 beds. But the jury’s praise for how the design team solved the big program puzzle in a more human-centered way earned praise from the jury, and the project itself served as a valuable example in planning and organizing the site.

See, it was fun, wasn’t it? And that’s just a tiny bit of what awaits you in our dedicated editorial and in the Design Showcase itself. Now life may change a little, but something has not changed – and this problem is one of them. I hope you will like it!

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