Kaufman Hall acquires healthcare real estate firm

Healthcare consultancy Kaufman Hall said Monday that it has acquired Healthcare Real Estate Capital, a national consulting firm specializing in the healthcare real estate market.

Kaufman Hall announced getting on Monday, which will allow Kaufman Hall to provide guidance to healthcare systems that are grappling with real estate strategies for properties they own, lease and operate.

According to Robert Turner, managing director of Kaufman Hall, as markets continue to evolve, changes are affecting the way properties finance, develop and manage real estate assets.

“Medical real estate as a component of the broader real estate industry has been a relatively stable and attractive opportunity for real estate investors and has become a popular place to invest capital,” Turner said. “An independent strategic advisor with a deep understanding of the sector is vital.”

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As healthcare clients continue to face significant capital and other spending needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, frustration is growing that funds have more uses than financial sources, he said.

So, Kaufman Hall plans to partner with HRE Capital to analyze portfolios of real estate companies and find ways to match funding sources for various purposes.

HRE Capital, founded in 2007, provides transaction advisory and advisory services to medical real estate owners and operators, including commercial and non-profit healthcare systems, universities and academic institutions, medical practitioners, developers and institutional investors. …

Healthcare has traditionally been a high-volume business, according to Joe Lupic, chairman of Newpoint Healthcare, although the industry is shifting towards value-based treatment options and outpatient rather than inpatient services are driving the movement for fewer assets.

The real estate company can help health systems become more efficient with the assets and resources they choose to leave behind, he said.

“Working with these large portfolios of real estate is not just an investment issue, it is a matter of managing the weight on your balance sheet and your capital structure,” Lupitsa said.

Consulting companies are looking forward to combining HRE Capital’s deal-based capital markets business model with the Kaufman Hall platform, E. Hunter Biebe, Founder and Managing Director of HRE Capital, said in a press release.

“The depth of Kaufman Hall’s resources, unparalleled customer relationships and complementary but great offerings represent a unique opportunity for us to leverage our experience, relationship and approach,” said Bibi.

“As real estate is an important and valuable asset in the healthcare industry, clients need independent strategic advice to make operational and financial decisions,” said R. Wesley Champion, CEO of Kaufman Hall, in a press release.

“Together, Kaufman Hall and HRE Capital will deliver thorough analytics, unwavering protection and superior service that our customers rely on, to a wider range of organizations and to help C-Suite healthcare leaders … unlock the value of this critical financial asset,” Champion said. …

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