Kate Winslet Uses Several Fundamentals During the Menstrual Cycle


  • Kate Winslet said Allure changes its foundation shade according to its menstrual cycle.
  • Winslet said she adjusts the tone of her foundation because her skin becomes inflamed toward the middle of her cycle.
  • Generally, inflammation increases during your period which can change your skin tone.
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Actress Kate Winslet said Allure changes her foundation tone according to where she is in her menstrual cycle.

Why inflammation during your period can change the tone and color of your skin, Winslet likes to keep different foundation shades on hand to pass between her menstrual cycle.

“At the beginning of my cycle, my skin it’s much more equal, “explains Winslet, 45.” In the middle of my cycle, everything lights up a bit, so I mix a couple of tones. “

The middle of the cycle is marked by when your body is ovulating, a process that usually takes two weeks before the start of your period and lasts 24 hours.


Winslet’s strategy could be a great way to address skin concerns that may arise throughout the menstrual cycle, although it might be wise to adapt to when acne appears in your cycle.

Insider reported earlier usually acne and redness may appear at the end of your cycle, before your period, and persist for the first five days due to increased oiliness.

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