Kate Hudson says sex is a workout. Here Are How Many Calories You Burn.

Kate Hudson he told 13.4 million Instagram followers she counts sex towards her daily training goal.

“Hey, guys. I’ve got some really interesting news that I’m very excited about so far,” Hudson said in the video released June 10 to promote the new WW app.

The actress said an average sex session of hours and 20 minutes with her partner, Danny Fujika, is worth six WW points (formerly known as Weight Watchers)

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“If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room for a good, say, an hour and a half,” Hudson said. “If he can handle it.”

Although it might be considered an unconventional way to work, Hudson may be right. Previous research suggests working out burning calories.

The number of calories burned during sex varies depending on what you do

A 2013 study does researcher at the University of Quebec in Montreal they found on average heterosexual men burned 101 calories during sex and women burned 69.1 during an average sexual session. The researchers also concluded that men burn an average of 4.2 calories per minute during sex and women burn 3.1 calories per minute.

Another study published in 2013 in in the New England Journal of Medicine men found they burned an average of 21 calories during six minutes of sex. Insider also reported earlier people at the top tend to get the best training.

While the exact number of calories burned during sex depends on several factors, researchers agree that it expends a certain amount of energy.

Apart from burn calories, sex can have a number of positive health benefits, including reduced stress, increased libido, and reduced blood pressure.

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