Judge Dismisses $ 50 Million Claim by Cardiologists Against SSM Health

SSM Health got off the hook after a Missouri judge dismissed a lawsuit from a group of cardiologists who objected to the revocation of their clinical privileges from the St. Louis-based system.

In March, St. Louis Heart and Vascular is suing SSM Health, seeking $ 50 million in damages and arguing that denying access to the region’s largest healthcare system will impede patient access and cause economic and reputational damage to doctors.

However, St. Louis County District Judge Ellen Ribaudo found the nonprofit SSM Health up to its charter by signing an exclusive contract with another cardiac group. As a consequence, St. Louis cardiovascular cardiologists are not eligible for help, Ribaudo decided on December 31.

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V court also ruled that the plaintiffs would not suffer significant harm as they have medical facilities and privileges in other local hospitals.

St. Louis Heart and Vascular must cover all legal costs associated with the lawsuit, Ribaudo further ordered.

Neither SSM Health nor St. Louis Heart and Vascular did not respond to requests for comment by posting.

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