J&J partners with Microsoft to build digital surgery portfolio

Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft announced a partnership to support the development of digital surgical products for the drug and device company.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices will partner with a software company to promote its digital surgical platform and Internet-connected medical devices. The deal makes Microsoft the preferred cloud-based provider of digital surgery instruments for Johnson & Johnson. news release

The companies plan to leverage the power of Microsoft artificial intelligence, data analytics and the Internet of Things to improve communication between surgical robotics, imaging, and other Johnson & Johnson digital tools. Companies plan to develop digital tools that simplify the surgical workflow or support surgical decision making.

The partnership with Microsoft is “an exciting step towards connecting the patient on a journey across the continuum of care, before, during and after procedure,” said Larry Jones, Johnson & Johnson Group CIO and Global Vice President of Medical Devices. … news release.

Device makers such as Johnson & Johnson have pushed for more digitally connected surgical instruments in recent years, including artificial intelligence, pre-, intra- and postoperative care, and smart surgical implants that send data directly to doctors. DePuy Synthes, the orthopedic arm of the Johnson & Johnson medical device group, is also exploring the possibility of introducing sensors into patient care.

Johnson & Johnson previously called digital surgery a growth area.

The company is in the process of restructuring and plans to focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices as it spins its healthcare business into a separate public company. Johnson and Johnson, which announced plans will start its consumer business in November and expects to complete the unbundling by the end of 2023.

Johnson & Johnson intends to accelerate its work in orthopedics, surgery and vision, focusing on digital surgery, as well as focusing on oncology, immunology and new cell and gene therapies in its pharmaceutical business, company executives said at the time.

Johnson & Johnson recorded $ 23.3 billion in sales in the third quarter, the most recent quarter for which the company filed revenue, including $ 13 billion from pharmaceuticals, $ 6.6 billion from medical devices, and $ 3.7 billion. dollars from consumer health products. Sales were up 10.7% year-over-year and net income increased 3.2% to $ 3.7 billion.

Johnson & Johnson has three main priorities for this year, Duato said at the JP Morgan event: preparing to spin off its consumer operations; achieving a compound annual growth rate of 5% in prescription drug revenues; and rejuvenating its medical device business.

The plans will include entering neighboring and fast-growing medical technology markets through research, development and acquisitions, Duato said. Johnson & Johnson has spent $ 10 million in mergers and acquisitions of medical equipment over the past five years, he said.

“Mergers and acquisitions are a key element of our growth in every segment – pharmaceuticals and medical devices, – said Duato.

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