Jennifer Aniston responds to criticism of excluding unvaccinated people from her life

  • Aniston previously said she had excluded from her “weekly routine” people who refused to get vaccinated.
  • On Thursday, she defended her decision on Instagram.
  • “If you have an option, you can still pass it on to me,” Aniston said.
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Jennifer Aniston retaliated against those who criticized her after she revealed that she cut ties with “several people” in her personal life because they refused to get vaccinated or disclose their vaccine status.

On Thursday night, Aniston posted a screenshot of a comment from an Instagram account asking why she “cares” about people not vaccinated if she’s already vaccinated.

“Because if you have an option, you can still pass it on to me,” Aniston replied to the comment.

“I may get a little sick, but I will not be admitted to the hospital and I will not die. But I can give a vaccine to someone who does not have a vaccine and whose health is at risk (or has a previous condition) – and therefore I would risk my life. “

She added, “That’s why I’m worried. We have to take care not only of ourselves. “

Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram post.

jenniferaniston / Instagram

COVID-19 vaccines have proven extremely successful in preventing serious illnesses that could lead to hospitalization and death. In July, Dr. Rochelle Walenski, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported data showed 99.5% of deaths from COVID-19 there were unvaccinated people in the USA.

However, no vaccine can prevent infection 100%. Of the 157 million fully vaccinated Americans, 733 have died from COVID-19 as of July 6. according to CDC… At least 3,554 people were hospitalized and survived. The CDC no longer tracks minor breakouts.

Jennifer Aniston originally told InStyle magazine that she had to exclude people from her love life because they “Refused” the vaccine

“There is still a large group of people who oppose vaccination or simply don’t listen to the facts. This is a real shame, ”she told the publication. “I just lost a few people in my weekly routine who refused or did not disclose [whether or not they had been vaccinated]and it was unfortunate. “

She added: “I feel it is your moral and professional responsibility to inform, as we do not all accumulate and test every single day. This is difficult because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but many opinions do not seem to be valid. nothing but fear or propaganda. “

Throughout the pandemic, Aniston has highlighted the importance of adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols such as self-isolation and wearing a mask.

Last June she posted a selfie in a face mask with an accompanying caption: “This simple and effective recommendation is politicized at the expense of people’s lives. And it really shouldn’t be an argument. “

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