Influencers Showing How Much Your Stomach Changes Every Day


  • Self-love influencers want people to know that it is normal for bodies to fluctuate every day.
  • Maeve Madden and Sara Puhto have released videos showing how their stomachs change shape from morning to night.
  • Madden said her weight can change from five to six pounds every day.
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Influencers post videos to show how their body changes over the course of the day.

In the videos, Instagrammers show their followers how you can have a flat stomach first thing in the morning, but that changes while eating and drinking.

Sara Puhto, who has 383,000 followers on Instagram, posted a video to remind people that bodies float all day long.

A post shared by Sara Puhto | Body Welcoming (@saggysara)

He also showed how tired his stomach can be when relaxed compared to aspirating.

“Bodies / stomach will all be different depending on so many factors like water, food, stress, menstrual cycles (if you are a person who has periods), genetics, amount of sleep, bowel movements, etc !! ” Puhto wrote in his legend.

“Be kind to yourself and don’t blame your body or yourself when your body goes through these changes!”

Influence of fitness Maeve Madden published recently a similar video, telling his 332,000 followers that his weight can fluctuate by five or six pounds in a day.

A post shared by Maeve Madden | Home Workouts (@maeve_madden)

“The human body is perfectly imperfect. It always changes. And it was never thought to adapt to an impossible standard of perfection,” he wrote.


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