I ate a big meal in a weed parlor and was stoned to the bone


When the pizza arrived, we were already craving dessert.

Compared to the app and dessert, I thought the pizza was just fine.

Rachel Michelson

After eating one wing and a knot and a half each, we got our pizza.

The four-legged champion really took it dosing at new heights. Each slice – sausage, cheese, vegetables and peppers – contains a huge amount of 40 mg of liquid.


I’m not a big fan of meat on pizza, so I sampled everything except the sausage. The pizza was tasty, with a fluffy crust, but even taking a small bite of each slice felt dangerous.

As I watched a waiter toss six dishes barely touched from the table next to us, I wondered aloud if anyone had ever finished a whole meal at Stoned. He told me the restaurant was over flashing a lot of food, but some people go all out.

“Once I ate it all and it was fine,” he said with a shrug. “I’ve lived.”

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