Hurricane Ida destroyed a house in New Jersey, trapped a family

  • On Thursday, flood waters caused by Hurricane Ida blew through a basement in New Jersey.
  • The CCTV footage captures the horrifying moment in which Janice Vallee and her son were trapped.
  • Valle told local media that her son nearly hit the wall and “thought he was going to die.”

CCTV footage captures horrific flood moment caused by Hurricane Ida burst through a basement in New Jersey, trapping and nearly drowning a mother and her son.

Janice Vallee’s home in Cranford, New Jersey began to flood after the remnants of Hurricane Ida hit the northeast on Thursday, killing at least 46 people across five states.

On video first shared by NBC New York, You can see how Valle’s son walks through the already flooded basement a few seconds before one of the walls collapses.

The footage shows how a wave of muddy water rages and quickly fills the room when Valle, located in a separate part of the basement, begins to scream.

See the moment below:

“My son called his dad to say goodbye to him, he thought he was going to die,” Valle told NBC on Friday.

“Praise the Lord [my son] made it to the stairs because the wall had collapsed and the water would get inside and crush him, ”she added.

Valle’s son found himself trapped between two beams but “lost his sense of where he was,” their father, Marlon Valle, told NBC.

Fearing that he would not be able to breathe, the son made a hole in the ceiling. Meanwhile, his father and another brother broke the window with an umbrella and were able to pull him out of the basement.

Vallee remained trapped at the other end of the basement, but heard her husband tell her, “Janice, you have to come here and open the window so I can get you out,” NBC reported.

She managed to escape, but the whole family was shocked by the experience.

“We will definitely live differently, enjoying everything. Every day is precious, ”Valle said.

At least 25 people have died in New Jersey and six people are still missing, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s spokesman said, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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