How to get strong abs like J.Lo according to her coach


  • Building your abs comes down to “focused, focused workouts,” said trainer Joanna Sapaki.
  • Sapaki has coached Jennifer Lopez for both the Hustlers and the 2020 Super Bowl.
  • She said it’s important to vary your core workout to work all your abs.
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According to former Jennifer Lopez trainer Joanna Sapaki, the secret to a strong core, flat stomach, and firm abs is to focus on quality, not quantity of movement.

As a dancer and trainer for FlexItPro, Sapaki has worked with Miley Cyrus and Madonna, as well as J.Lo and was the lead choreographer on the 2019 film Hustlers.

She told Insider that creating a tight midsection doesn’t necessarily require endless twisting – it has more to do with paying attention to what you are doing (known as the “mind-muscle connection”).

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“My best advice for a solid core is to do targeted, concentrated abs workouts when you really know what your core needs to be used and how,” Sapaki said. “Just doing a ton of squats or reps in an exercise without thinking is a real waste of your time.”

She said it’s important to work with a qualified trainer to learn how you should cut and feel as you move.

“Plus, a really varied core workout will help your abs improve faster and build a full core, not just your upper abdomen,” added Sapaki.

Even if you have strong core muscles, abs will not be visible unless belly fat is low enough, which is highly dependent on genetics and nutrition.

J. Lo is “dedicated to her fitness,” Sapaki said.

Sapaki coached Lopez for both the Hustlers and ahead of her famous 2020 Super Bowl performance, both of which were “a pleasure,” she said.

“Working with Jennifer Lopez is a dream come true,” Sapaki said. “She is very focused and devoted to her physical condition. She is 100% ready to make every effort to achieve her goals. “

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Known for her physique and performances, Sapaki says Lopez is “very open” to trying new and different ways of training.

“She has a lot of fun playing with different movement styles,” she said.

Look at health from all angles to lose weight and build muscle

Sapaki says that if you want to lose fat and build muscle at the same time (this is called body rebuilding), you need to pay attention to all aspects of your health.

“Don’t do one thing,” she said. “You need a healthy combination of many different elements, including strength training (or bodyweight training), cardio, nutrition, relaxation, and space for stress management and mental health.”

Start small and figure out how to incorporate movement into your life simply by doing what you love.

“Besides exercising, try to find something else that you really enjoy that includes some movement or activity,” Sapaki said, such as bowling, walking or playing with the kids.

“Doing something fun will add more movement to your life without feeling like a chore,” she said. “Before you know it, you’ll move more, feel better, and connect more with your life every day.”

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