How can I protect myself from the new omicron variant?

Just like you protect yourself from COVID-19 caused by any other option: get vaccinated if you haven’t already, boosted if you meet criteria, and step up other precautions you may have relaxed, such as , put on your mask and avoid the crowd.

WHO says measures against delta should work for omicron

Although omicron is getting all the attention, the overwhelming cause of infection and death remains an extra-contagious delta variant in many places.

As the omicron approaches, the US is still struggling with the delta wave

“Delta is a real risk right now. Omicron is an uncertain threat, “Dr. Francis Collins, director of the US National Institutes of Health, told The Associated Press. Regardless of the type of coronavirus, according to Collins, “we know what to do.”

It will take weeks to explore the key aspects of this latter option, including whether it is more infectious, causes more severe disease, or eludes immunity – and if so, how much.

It can take weeks to uncover the secrets of the omicron variant

Meanwhile, “what we need to do is add more layers of protection,” says Dr. Julie Weishampayan of the Society for Infectious Diseases of America. This is especially important if you are traveling on holidays and are going around the corner.

The booster shot is one such layer. The added dose causes a big jump in virus-fighting antibodies. Even if the antibodies do not prove to be as effective against omicron as against other variants, it is simply that more of them can compensate – in addition to enhancing protection against delta.

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Besides camouflaging, avoiding crowds and improving ventilation, testing is another protective step. This is recommended for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 or potentially been exposed to the virus. But it can also help keep people safe before holiday gatherings, even if everyone in attendance has been vaccinated, says Vaishampayan.

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