Halle Berry Follows The Keto Diet For 30 Years, Helps With Diabetes

  • Halle Berry told Insider that she followed the keto diet for 30 years and that it helped her manage her diabetes.
  • The actor was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 22 years.
  • A quiet diet is not necessarily suitable for all people with the situation, research suggests.
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Halle Berry followed suit keto diet for 30 years, and told Insider that it helps her manage it


Berry, now 54, was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 22, which began its health journey.

“It was a moment I will never forget,” he told Insider. “I had to go back to turning my way of living my life and I’ve carried it with me ever since.”

For Berry, this means following the high-fat, low-carb diet

keto diet

“Because I’m diabetic, food has been a big part of my life,” she said. “We have been following the ketogenic way of life for almost 30 years.”

Berry says the ketone diet gives him stamina, cuts and cravings – and he believes it has slowed his aging process.

In 2018, Berry wrote on Instagram that she believes the keto diet has been “largely responsible for slowing down my aging process” and has helped her

lose weight
after party.

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“If you’re like me, you might be able to reverse it

type 2 diabetes
, you will experience better physical endurance, better skin and even less acne if this is a problem. And it also helps control migraines! “He said.

In 2019, the actor’s personal trainer he shared the actor’s daily diet and favorite dishes, including anti-aging coffee (coffee with butter or coconut oil), steak or chicken with greens, and avocado ice cream.

After being quiet for so long, Berry said Women’s health he no longer craves sweets, and feels “incredible” about the diet.

Mixed research on how cetacean works for diabetes

Berry’s diagnosis of diabetes was the inspiration behind his health and wellness platform rē • spine: “rē • spin is very much about rethinking everything you thought you knew and daring to break down barriers and invent what your life should be like for you, regardless of what others think, and live so proudly and authentically,” he told Insider.

There has been confusion over the years as to whether Berry diabetes is Type 1 or 2, as well Hi he referred to, but some of his comments – cume that she “changed” her Type 1 by changing her diet – has been much criticized by medical professionals.

While Berry’s comments on diabetes and cetaceans have garnered some criticism in the past, there is some research to suggest that diet may provide benefits for people with the situation.

A small study of 2005, for example, found that a keto diet could lead to improved glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes.

However, more recent research, however this 2019 report from the Research Institute for Diabetes in Milan, concluded that low-carbohydrate diets such as ketone may not be suitable for all people with diabetes, particularly for those with Type 1, and the researchers noted which one the lack of sustainability of such diets it is also a problem.

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