Gucci ring combines Italian bling and biometric brains

Don’t let the titanium strap and yellow gold trim fool you. Equipped with seven temperature sensors and three LED sensors, the Gucci x Oura ring is designed to monitor sleep, heart rate, respiration rate, physical activity, menstrual cycles, and body temperature.

Released in late May, the $950 waterproof strap is the product of Gucci’s first collaboration with wearables maker Oura, which introduced its first generation of the ring in 2015. The Gucci ring uses the same platform and technology as the $299 third-generation version of Oura. released last year but comes with the perk of a lifetime membership to the health-tracking app Oura, which typically costs $5.99 a month.

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“We want to shift the focus of wearables from activity tracking to constantly monitoring your overall health,” said Sarah Blenkhorn, director of brand partnerships at Oura, in an email. “Think of the Oura ring as a 2.0 wearable: it’s a sleep lab, a disease monitoring tool, and a women’s health device, all on your finger.”

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