Former executive director Montefiore filed sex discrimination lawsuit due to dismissal

Richmond argued that President and CEO Dr. Philip Ozua “did not like it when female employees disagreed with him or responded to him,” and then “excluded them from appropriate meetings in an effort to push them out of the organization,” the complaint said. … She was fired for no reason less than a week after Ozua took over as CEO, but without the “soft exits” or “slippery slopes” afforded to laid-off male executives, according to the complaint.

Former Novant CEO Wins $ 10 Million Anti-Discrimination Lawsuit

Joe Solmonese, a Montefiore spokesman, said the allegations were false and “were made to bring about a settlement and further enrich Ms Richmond, who was one of the highest paid executives in Montefiore.”

“Ms. Richmond never had a valid contract. This is a fact that she knew, but nevertheless used it for her own enrichment, ”Solmonese said in a statement. “Montefiore will vigorously defend this case and seek to recover the proceeds of this illegal contract.”

V MontefioreRichmond was responsible for strategic planning, negotiations for acquisitions and partnerships, board relations, government affairs and public policy, and the health system’s involvement in the government’s delivery reform incentive program. The complaint states that she supervised over 70 people and had an annual salary of $ 950,000 at the time of her dismissal.

Richmond is demanding from Montefiore recovery, advance and advance payments, damages and attorney fees. Richmond’s lawyer declined to comment on this article or submit it for interviews.

Montefiore has previously been featured in complaints of employee discrimination and harassment, including the recent case of a lab technician who reported a hostile work environment and retaliatory dismissal after years of racially motivated harassment by employees. Ozua does not appear to have been the subject of any previous such cases.

Montefiore Health System operates 10 hospitals and over 200 dispensaries in the Bronx, Westchester and Hudson Valley.

This story was originally published in Crain’s New York.

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