Football YouTuber of 17 Years Dead After Cardiac Surgery, says Tweet


  • A 17-year-old YouTuber has died after heart surgery, according to a tweet from his account.
  • Over the past month, Alex Dragomir has chronicled his hospital visits on YouTube and Twitter.
  • Fans have lamented the deaths of football fans with GoFundMe donations and encouraging others to subscribe.
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Alex Dragomir, a 17-year-old YouTuber known online as Sir Kipsta, died Thursday night after a seven-hour heart operation, according to a tweet from his Twitter account.

Dragomir was a micro-influencer in the world of YouTube (football) football fans. He had previously attended Cockshut Hill School in England, according to a tweet the school posted about his death.

A tweet from Dragomir’s account, which appeared to have been sent by his sister, announced his death and thanked viewers for their support in recent months as the teenage football fan struggled with health issues.

“Heaven has earned an angel,” the tweet said.

After learning of his death, several spectators has circulated an idea to increase Dragomir’s YouTube subscribers to 10,000. That goal was shattered within hours. The Sir Kipsta channel, which started with 2,500 subscribers on Thursday, has surpassed 25,000 subscribers since Friday afternoon.

Social media has “saved” Dragomir during his last few weeks

In February, Dragomir, who is said to suffer from heart-related health problems, began posting his thoughts and reactions live to professional European football players, concentrating on Manchester United. Its channel remained relatively small, maintaining a following of about 2,500 subscribers.

His situation worsened in May and he was admitted to hospital while awaiting a heart transplant, he said on video at the time.

Dragomir said posting her medical problems on social media has brought positivity to her life in a difficult time.

“When the news came I had to stay [at the hospital] until the procedure was finished, I was very sad, “Dragomir said in a YouTube video on his channel about his medical trip.” My mental health was declining but Twitter saved me. ”

In the weeks before his death, Dragomir posted selfies from the hospital, notes with his caloric intake, and his appreciation for his thousands of new Twitter followers.

‘RIP Alex’ is trending on Twitter while fans have shown support

When news of Dragomir’s death spread on Thursday evening and Friday morning, social media users mourned the loss of the young football fan.

The phrase “RIP Alex” was trending on Twitter on Friday, with more than 15,000 tweets reminiscent of the content creator.

Marcus Rashford, a professional football player for Manchester United, shared a picture of Dragomir reading the athlete’s book, “You are a Champion”, and said he was “always grateful for your support”.

Members of the online football fan community have started one GoFundMe which raised more than $ 20,000, although it is not currently clear where the money will go.


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