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  • Condoms are the most economical and affordable method to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STIs during sex.
  • It’s important that a condom fits well, is well-mixed, and is comfortable.
  • Our top pick, Lifestyles Skyn, is the best condom for most penis sizes and has excellent sensitivity.

With nearly half of vaccinated Americans and bars, restaurants, and social life opening up, condom sales are up. growing. This is good news considering the work of condoms to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis.

However, condoms are significantly less effective if they are not put on correctly or do not fit properly. According to Planned Parenthood, Condoms are 98% effective when applied and used perfectly, but in reality they have an average effectiveness of 85% the way most people put them. In addition, finding a condom that is both comfortable and that optimizes pleasure increases the likelihood that you will use one. (Learn more about how to put on a condom properly.)

If you think of condoms as a necessary evil or an exciting and empowering part of your sexual health toolkit, it’s clear that there are very much of options on the market. Large, small, thin, thick, smooth, structured, formiculous, aromatic – the variety is overwhelming when looking for only a basic protection.


I have been a sex journalist and educator for almost a decade and have used condoms as my primary method of

birth control
and STI prevention for even more. I also work in two different sex shops where I would often advise customers on their condom purchases.

For this article, in addition to interviewing a number of experts on the subject – including a board-certified urologist, CEO of condom retailer, sex shop employees, and a pleasure coach – I also ruined it. my partner to help me try different brands so we can judge how the condoms feel for both the penetrating partner and the receptive partner since both the pleasure and the comfort of the people are important.

Together, all this has contributed to the clear picture under which condoms are worth buying.

Here are the best condoms:

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