Fidus Water Bottle Review 2021

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  • To drink more water throughout the day, I decided to try the 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle from Fidus.
  • It helped me learn more about my hydration and loved the vibrant colors and motivational markings on the bottle.
  • While this has positively affected my daily water intake, it is quite heavy and may not be suitable for everyone.

When my doctor told me that I was dehydrated, I was surprised at first. But then it dawned on me: I could easily count how many cups of coffee I drank this morning, but I was not sure if I drank anything else.

I decided to look for ways to force myself to drink more water. After stumbling across an Instagram story posted by Khloe Kardashian, I came across a large, motivational 1 gallon Fidus water bottle.

Despite the mild controversy surrounding her Instagram hydration rant, I was still inspired enough to buy a bottle and give it a try – it looked like the perfect way to improve my hydration and I was ready to finish. gallon of water per day… This is how it was.

Not an ordinary water bottle

Image of Amazon Large Motivational 1 Gallon Fidus Water Bottle


The Fidus Motivational Water Bottle is large and available in a variety of color options, from which I chose a combination of orange and blue ombre. The obverse has time stamps and rewards such as “Good Morning” at 7 AM, “Keep Puffing” at 1 PM and “Don’t Give Up” at 5 PM, and ounce and milliliter measurements are on the back.

Also included is a straw and a lid to keep everything closed, as well as a drawstring handle around the lid for easy portability. Even though it is plastic and lacks cooling technology, I found that filling the bottle with ice was an effective way to keep the water cool throughout the day.

How does it feel to use

How to Hold a Large 1 Gallon Fidus Motivational Water Bottle

Garin Apulia / Insider

On the first day of drinking the bottle, I was sedentary and drank it to the end. I felt extremely full too – from almost no water to drink during the day to a gallon, it was a shock to my body.

I quickly discovered that keeping a giant water bottle on my desk is a great way to remind myself to stay hydrated. But drinking a gallon of water a day was a little unrealistic for me – when I hit the 5:00 pm mark, I felt uncomfortably full. A typical rule of thumb for how much water to drink per day is: 8 pointsso to drink a gallon was 2 times that much.

However, I found it easier to finish the entire 128-ounce bottle on days when I was extremely active. I took the bottle with me on hikes (but left it in the car as it was too heavy to carry) and even tried to use the bottle as a load during training. This proved to be not very effective as there was a slight leak through the cap when I held the bottle horizontally over my head.

Is it really good to drink 1 gallon of water?

Comparison of the Large 1 Gallon Fidus Motivational Water Bottle to Regular Glass

Garin Apulia / Insider

As I continued to use the motivational bottle, I wondered how beneficial it is to drink a gallon of water every day. Nutritionist Samantha Cassetti told Insider that “people’s water needs are personal to them.”

Cassetti explained that a person’s hydration needs differ depending on a variety of circumstances: time outdoors in hot / humid climates, exercise, and the degree of sweating. She recommended using mindfulness and mindfulness tools for hydration and explained that “these devices are designed to help you meet your needs.”

In other words, drinking a full gallon of water not a bar that everyone should strive for every day.

But if you’re trying to improve hydration like I did, Cassetti shared a technique that involves putting a bottle of water or a glass of water on the table and trying to finish it before lunch. From there, just “add and repeat” throughout the day.

Should you buy this?

Large 1 Gallon Fidus Motivational Water Bottle on Desk with Laptop

Garin Apulia / Insider

If you’re looking for a fun way to focus on your hydration goals, this water bottle is a great purchase. Vibrant color options, combined with motivational markings written on the bottle, serve as an incentive to drink more water throughout the day.

Keep in mind that this is actually 1 gallon of water, which means it can be hard for you to lift it. If instead you need something lighter to carry, choose something less

What alternatives do you have?

Cassetti said she likes to use bottles from any Swell or Hydro Flask (both staff favorites here (See also Insider Reviews). She loves how her S’well bottle keeps the water cooler throughout the day, while her Hydro Flask is perfect for travel as it has a handle on the lid. In doing so, she acknowledged that different tools can be used to maintain hydration.

“This mark is 128 ounces No the golden rule, “said Cassetti, adding that it is not harmful to normal, healthy people.

The essence

Large Motivational 1 Gallon Fidus Water Bottle in Car

Garin Apulia / Insider

I found this bottle to be a great way to take responsibility for drinking more water every day. I no longer take it as a challenge to finish a gallon, but I refill a bottle every morning.

However, there are several disadvantages. Not only is it heavy when full, but drinking a full gallon of water every day is not for everyone.

However, it still helped me improve my hydration habits and I plan to continue listening to my body when it comes to drinking enough water. While I might not drink a full gallon every day, my Fidus water bottle still reminds me to “keep puffing” to stay hydrated.

Pros: Cute colors, giant straws and motivating lettering on the front make this bottle a fun way to remind yourself to drink more water.

Minuses: The bottle can be heavy when full due to its large size and does not keep liquid cool all day.

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