FDA Panel Approves Lower Dose Moderna COVID Booster Vaccine

On Thursday, U.S. health advisers said some Americans who received the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19 should receive half the booster dose to boost protection against the virus.

The FDA Council of Advisors voted unanimously to recommend booster vaccinations for older people, adults with other health, work, or life situations that put them at increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

The recommendation is optional, but it is a key step in expanding the US support campaign to reach millions of Americans. Many people who received their first Pfizer shots at least six months ago are already receiving a booster after being approved by the FDA last month.

In terms of dose, the initial Moderna vaccination consists of two 100 mcg shots. But Moderna says that one injection of 50 micrograms should be enough for a booster.

On Thursday and Friday, the agency called its experts to weigh who should receive boosters and when for people who received Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots earlier this year.

The FDA will use the advice of its advisors to make final decisions regarding both companies’ boosters. If the decision is yes, another hurdle will arise: next week, a group convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will offer more specific information on who should receive it.

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