FDA Cuts Moderna Booster Time To 5 Months

US regulators on Friday cut the time that people who received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine must wait for a booster shot to five months, not six.

Moderna’s two-dose vaccine is open to Americans 18 and older. The FDA’s decision on Friday means Moderna recipients are eligible for revaccinations at least five months after their last vaccination.

This is in line with the new guidelines for Pfizer vaccine recipients. Pfizer’s initial vaccination is open to anyone 5 years of age or older. But only Pfizer recipients 12 and older are eligible for the booster shot, and earlier this week, US health authorities said they could get it five months after their last shot.

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In a statement, FDA’s head of vaccination, Dr. Peter Marks, called vaccinations “our best defense against COVID-19,” and said shortening the waiting time for revaccinations could help as the country grapples with a spike in the highly infectious omicron variant.

The revaccination after a single vaccination by Johnson & Johnson is already scheduled in two months.

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