Fboy can change and become relationship-ready: therapists say

  • HBO’s dating reality show FBoy Island has encouraged self-identified guys to change themselves and become more responsible and emotionally approachable.
  • Psychotherapists told Insider that Fboys might change, but they have to want it for themselves.
  • There are exceptions. According to one therapist, people with mental health conditions that affect their ability to become more emotionally vulnerable may have difficulty.

After the final “F-Boy Islands” HBO MaxThe latest dating reality show left viewers wondering if a self-proclaimed fucking guy could turn into a relationship-ready partner.

The show challenged three single women to deal with 24 men and weed out 12 guys to find love. In the end, the two women chose the Fboys as their last suitors. One of the Fboy, Garrett, received a $ 100,000 prize, while the other, Jared, agreed to stay in the relationship and share the trophies.

Self-identified guys like Jared can change their way of life, but it has to come from the inside, Kelly Scott, therapist at Tribeca therapy in Manhattan, Insider reported.

You can teach Fboy new tricks, but he must learn himself

According to Scott, there is no single definition for fucking, but they tend to lack emotional availability and responsibility. Instead, they focus on serving themselves at all costs.

As a result, Fboy avoids emotionally meaningful understanding of others and instead uses people for attention, sex, or whatever else they might want, even if it means being insincere.

According to Scott, this behavior is often due to a lack of emotional intelligence.

“A lot of people probably can’t do these things because they’ve never learned how to distribute it. I think these people can learn, ”Scott told Insider.

She said she had patients in therapy and admitted that they noticed unhealthy patterns of relationships and needed help changing their habits. Scott said that these moments give her hope because they show that people are able to recognize and change their bad behavior.

At the same time, she stressed that a love interest, partner or friend should never take responsibility for making the fuck change or stay with him in the hope that they will.

“I think we play games a lot to avoid seeing the unpleasant things that we don’t want to see. We cover up the bad behavior of other people a lot so that we don’t have to deal with it, ”she said.

To change, Fboys must be capable and willing to grow emotionally.

According to therapist Darcy Sterling, host of E! The famous loner of the network and the creator of the new online course Jealousy Boot Camp

“Men are socialized to avoid relationships and are praised for being players, which fuels the appeal of achieving Fboy status,” Sterling told Insider.

Sterling said that Fboy, who has the ability to correct himself, must first realize that his selfish habits will not help him in the long run. Only when they realize that they can begin to change.

“Emotional inaccessibility often arises from fear or past traumas and insecurities, so they can project them onto their relationships with family, romantic partners and friends,” Sterling said.

Of course, according to Scott, there are always some fucking guys who are programmed that way.

She said that some people’s early life experiences caused them to manipulate all of their relationships. In certain situations, a person can be diagnosed with: antisocial personality disorder

“The nature of their illness and the nature of the problems they have makes it difficult for them to do the job of solving those problems,” Scott said.

While this does not make their behavior acceptable, it may explain why some FBOs will never change.

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