Everything you need to know about Xialing

  • Warning: Spoilers below for Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
  • The film introduces us to Xialing, which is based on 5 sisters from the comics.
  • One of them poisons Shang-Chi, while the other rebelles against her father. Here’s everything you need to know.

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings introduces the first Asian Marvel superhero, played by Simu Liu.

But the newcomer is not only Shang-Chi. The film introduces many new characters, some of whom could become major players in the future MCU.

Warning: Below are the main spoilers for Shang Chi.

One such character is Xialing, played by Meng’er Zhang. Xialing is Shang-Chi’s sister, but the character depicted in the film is actually based on the five Shang-Chi sisters from the comics. Here’s everything you need to know about Sialing and what its MCU future might look like.

Xialing and Shang-Chi are brothers and sisters.

Marvel Studios

Who is Xialing, Shang-Chi’s sister in the comics?

In the comics, Shang-Chi has five sisters, but Xialing seems to be based mainly on two of them: Zheng Bao Yu, known as the Cursed Lotus, and Zheng Shi-Hua, known as Sister Hammer.

Bao Yu is the daughter of Zheng Zu, whose name is Venu in Shang Chi. In the comics, Bao Yu turns against her father and abandons him to become the leader of the underworld organization she created.

This is exactly what Xialing did in Shang Chi – she left her father after feeling abandoned by her brother and created her own battle ring, where we first meet her when she fights Shang Chi.

Meanwhile, there is a comic book storyline where their father Zheng Zu chooses Shang-Chi as his successor, and Shi-Hua mistakenly thinks that Shang-Chi killed their father. This angers Shi-Hua, who then poisons Shang-Chi, although he survives.

Xialing Shang-Chi Battle Ring

Xialing runs his own underworld warfare organization, much like Bao Yu does in the comics.

Marvel Studios

Although there is no poisoning in Shang-Chi, there is some animosity between Xialing and Shang-Chi, as the former is angry with the latter for leaving her when they were younger.

Plus, Shang-Chi and Xialing don’t actually discuss their father’s death. Xialin sees Shang-Chi with ten rings, and the two simply nod to each other in acknowledgment of their father’s death.

This may not mean anything yet, but Sialing could theoretically think that Shang-Chi killed their father (which he didn’t do) like the comics. She may also be jealous that her brother has ten rings instead.

We’ll have to wait and see, but although Bao Yu’s storyline is played out in Shang Chi, we may well see Shi Hua’s storyline in future films as well.

Xialing Shang-Chi

Xialing plays a key role in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Marvel Studios

Is Xialin a hero or a villain? Are there other brothers and sisters?

Since Xialing is a composite character of all five sisters, she looks like both. In Shang-Chi, she feels more like a hero as she puts her grievances against her brother aside to fight alongside him. But at the same time, it seems that in the future, tension between them may grow.

Shang-Chi has a variety of siblings in the comics, including half-siblings. In the film, it appears that Wenu only had two children, Shang-Chi and Xialing, by his wife Jiang Li. They are the only ones mentioned.

However, Vienna existed for over a thousand years before he met Lee. Don’t be surprised if a long-lost half-brother appears in the future MCU to either help Shang-Chi or give him trouble.

Shang-Chi Wenu and Jiang Li

Wenu and Jiang Li had two children: Shang-Chi and Xialing.

Marvel Studios

What’s the future of Xialing in the MCU? Will there be additional income from Xialing and Ten Rings?

Xialing and Shang-Chi parted on pretty good terms, but definitely broke up – each going their own way. We can see Xialing’s path in the second scene of the film’s ending credits, which reveals that Xialing has taken control of the Ten Rings, an organization previously controlled by her father, Vienna.

Xialing seems to be in complete control of the situation, and there are two right-wing men on either side of her: her confidant from her war ring organization, John John (Ronnie Chieng), and Razor Fist, her father’s former assistant.

At the end of the scene, she sits on what looks like a throne and watches as men and women train next to each other. While Marvel or Disney hadn’t confirmed or even hinted at a new show featuring Xialing or the newly formed Ten Rings, the scene definitely made an impression.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is just speculation, but don’t be surprised if it turns into reality. Xialing has made a big impact on the film, and we’re willing to bet she’s here in the MCU to stay.

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