Elite Private School Teacher Protects Kids Teaching Masturbation


  • Sex educator Justine Ang Fonte left New York prep school after her parents complained about her lessons.
  • Fonte taught first graders about masturbation, genital names, and sexual consent.
  • Sex educators say Fonte’s lessons are age appropriate and can protect children from harm.
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Justine Ang Fonte, a sex educator who retired after her parents complained about her lesson plans in first grade, supports her teaching.

She is told the New York Times courses and workshops have been age adapted and designed to keep children safe.

“I give them the opportunity to exercise free will and body consent, knowing exactly what the parts are, what they are called and how to care for them,” says Fonte. told the Times

Fonte faced harassment from parents who enrolled their children in New York’s elite Dalton Prep School. The Times reported… The criticism followed after parents learned that Fonte was teaching his first graders about sexual consent, masturbation, and porn. She worked as Dalton’s sex educator for 12 years before retiring in early June.

Sex educators and child development experts outside the situation told the Times they found Fonte’s lessons appropriate and beneficial for healthy psychological and sexual development.

Fonte says her parents from Dalton High School picked her up

A Dalton School spokeswoman told the Times that Fonte “helped develop an exemplary health and wellbeing program for K-12 students” and that her work should not “be marred by baseless misinformation and hate speech.”

The parents of Dalton’s students disagreed. Petitions to end “displaying unorthodox sexual identity and sex education classes” have been circulating on Instagram. The petition also aimed to end teaching about critical race theory and “programming that uses narrative oppressed by oppressors and that uses collective guilt to shame white students.” Reported by the Times

Fonte said she sees more and more threatening emails in her inbox and told the Times that she feels insecure.


In May, the New York Post published an article on the conflict citing parents criticizing Fonte. Parents told The Post they were “furious” and said that the doctrine of consent and genital terminology was “pure indoctrination.”

One anonymous student mother said the Post another parent said, “I pay $ 50,000 to these asses to tell my kid not to let grandpa hug her when he sees her?”

Sex educators and child development experts say Fonte did nothing wrong

Fonte continues to pursue sex education outside Dalton with plans to write a children’s book, create a podcast, and provide television counseling. The Times reported

She defends the lessons she taught and others there are sex education specialists behind it

According to Jennifer S. Hirsch, professor of sociomedical sciences at Columbia School of Public Health. Meilman and the author of the book “Sexual Citizens: An Outstanding Study of Sex, Power, and Campus Assault, “sex education and consent from a young age prevents possible future abuse, such as sexual assault.

There is age-appropriate ways of teaching these topicsaccording to Jenny Knoll, professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Knoll oversees a program for 14,000 second graders where they learn their own names for their genitals, which entails healthy boundaries and what to do if they cross.

“First graders need to be taught that other people are not allowed to touch their bodies,” Hirsch told the Times. “And just as importantly, they have no right to touch the bodies of other people. How many politicians have we seen on the news who haven’t learned this lesson? “

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