Doctor Innocent After Murder Trial Permanently Loses License

Despite the fact that found not guilty on murder charges Due to numerous patient deaths, the doctor decided that after years of testing it would be impossible to practice medicine in Ohio again, his lawyer said, and therefore decided to relinquish his medical license.

William Huzel, 46, was acquitted last month of 14 counts of murder after accusations that he ordered an excessive amount of painkillers for Mount Carmel Health System patients. He was charged with 25 deaths in 2019, but a new prosecutor reduced the charges until trial began in March.

Huzel still faced administrative charges for refusing to cooperate with a medical board in investigating criminal charges. On May 5, he admitted he was guilty of the charge, and on Wednesday the board revoked his license.

In practical terms, “the publicity, shall we say, the aura around the entire event” made a repeat of the practice in Ohio unlikely, Huzel’s lawyer Doug Graff said in an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday.

“So it was the right way to resolve the issue without having another series of hearings,” Graff said.

Huzel could practice in other states, his lawyer said, though it’s unclear what the former doctor plans to do.

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“I don’t know what the future holds for him, and I’m sure he doesn’t know that either at the moment,” Graff said. He added: “He was glad that the criminal charges were resolved in his favor and it was a way to get the matter resolved with the medical board.”

Prosecutors said that ordering such doses for a non-surgical situation indicated an intent to commit suicide. Huzel’s lawyers argued that he was caring for dying patients, not trying to kill them.

After the verdict was announced, Hussel’s chief lawyer, José Baez, said prosecutors had not produced “the slightest bit of evidence” to support their claims.

The two jurors who found Houzel not guilty were interviewed by several media outlets this week, and one of them, Damon Massey, said he believed Houzel was guilty of at least some of the charges, but that the prosecution had not proven its case. rightness.

Huzel has been fired from Mount Carmel Health System, which has reached a settlement totaling more than $16.7 million for the deaths of at least 17 patients, with more lawsuits pending.

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