CMS will increase payments for home health and outpatient services in hospitals next year

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid are increasing payments for home health care and outpatient hospital services and cutting reimbursements to doctors next year in accordance with three rules released Tuesday.

Medicare home health care benefit rates will rise 2.6%, which is expected to increase benefits by $ 465 million. Payment rates for outpatient hospitals and outpatient surgery centers will rise by 2% each.

CMS will reduce the talk rate of the doctor’s payment schedule from $ 1.30 to $ 33.59 as the temporary reimbursement under the Consolidated Appropriations Act expires.

But the agency is increasing reimbursement for telemedicine services that treat mental health problems.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted gaps in our current healthcare system and the need for new solutions to deliver treatment to patients wherever they are,” CMS administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSour said in a press release. “This is especially true for people who need mental health services, and the improvements we are proposing will give people greater access to telehealth and other care options.”

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