Canadian man crushed to death by a car at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

  • A man was crushed by his own car while driving through a McDonald’s in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Anthony Ayles died when he opened the car door to pick up a dropped object and the car drove into the building.
  • Local police called it a “heartbreaking” and “strange incident.” Reported by CTV News

In what police called a “monstrous accident,” a Canadian man was crushed by his own car in a McDonald’s driveway when he got out of the car to pick up a dropped object.

Tony Ayles was sandwiched between the door of his car and the frame of the car when he got out of the car without parking it and the car drove into the building.

Vancouver police said they tried to revive Ayles at the scene, but to no avail. He was 42 years old.

“This is an absolutely heartbreaking scenario. We express our deepest condolences to this man’s family and friends, ”said Police Constable Tanya Vizintin, according to Huffington post

Vizintin said 680news that the majority of fatal accidents heard by the police involve a second vehicle.

“So the fact that no other car was involved … It looks like a weird accident,” Vizintin said.

Ailes is survived by a wife and two children. His son-in-law, Neil Pender, told CTV News that he is “just the perfect guy.”

“He was just the most loving father and the most loving husband,” Pender said. “It is clear that children are not fully aware of this. We were just trying to surround them with as much family as possible. “

Two GoFundMe’s started supporting the family and raised over 100,000 Canadian dollars together.

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