Biden wants to change Obamacare markets to expand coverage


The Biden administration is proposing several changes aimed at providing greater access to high-quality health insurance, accessible through the Affordable Care Act, according to a proposed rule released Monday.

CMS wants to give people more time to enroll in market plans by extending the annual enrollment period. It currently starts on November 1st and ends on December 15th, but the new plan will give people until January 15th to write themselves on the cover. The agency also plans to set a special monthly enrollment period to allow people on low incomes more opportunities to sign up for an unpaid money plan.

In addition, the proposed rule will stop allowing consumers to buy market plans directly from insurance companies and brokers instead of going through a federal or state exchange. It will also review the requirements that ensure ACA browsers provide consumers with assistance and assistance on any post-registration issues, including the eligibility appeal process and how to use their coverage.


“These proposed changes will provide consumers with greater access to coverage through, for example, greater education and outreach, improve accessibility for consumers, reduce the administrative burden for issuers and consumers, and improve the integrity of the program, ”said the proposed rule.

Comments on the proposed rule are due July 28.

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