Best Women’s Running Shorts in 2021

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UA RUSH Run pocket shorts ($ 48): These shorts were our main choice for tight shorts with their high waist, mid-thigh length and silicone sleeves around the thighs to prevent these shorts from moving. However, they were kicked out of the Under Armor site so they couldn’t buy any more. We will update the options if they reset.

Women’s Coolbite Lite Merino Impulse running shorts Icebreaker ($ 80): If I could add one more to this list, it would be these. They fit like your typical short gym – nice and loose, with a tight elastic waistband. But the super light fabric is made of merino wool and wood fiber, a blend that is very airy. The integrated merino wool lining and water-repellent finish also add a pleasant and comfortable touch. They were defeated by Tracksmith shorts because of a more comfortable waist and better dress, but I also find myself looking for these shorts regularly on the run.

Hoka One One Performance Women Fabric 2 “Short ($ 48): This pair is really like that you don’t wear anything in your lower half, partly because they’re super short (but with a longer back, which is smart), but also because they’re insanely light and have a side slit that offers a wind right to the wind. However they didn’t make the main list because they were small too much short for me, and I found myself adapting the medium a little more than I would have liked. But if you like that almost naked feeling, you’ll love these shorts.

Shorts Tracksmith Van Cortlandt ($ 60): These shorts remind me of the uniform for high school athletes in the 70s and I really like them. In addition to its aesthetics, the mesh material allows air flow and includes antimicrobial properties to keep stink away. I also love the baggier dress and the comfortable, integrated knit lining, complete with small pockets to carry cards or keys. While I like these, they’re not as comfy as the Session Shorts, they’re a little heavier than the others on the list, and give a bit of a camel if you wear them high waisted.

Tracksmith Twilight Split Shorts ($ 52): Another Tracksmith friend, these shorts are light and smooth silky, with a slit on the side to let in plenty of air to keep you cool. They didn’t make the list because on a windy day, I felt like I was on the moon when the fabric blew in the breeze. However, the comfortable fabric also has micro holes for more air flow and a faster drying time, so consider it a choice for those really hot and humid days.

Athleta Ultimate Stash Pocket 7 “Short ($ 50): These shorts rival the Lululemon Fast and Free shorts (which marked the best overall spot), but they’re not as tight, a little heavier, and not as cool in temperature. However, they still have a smooth fabric that feels good against the skin, a high waist, they sit a little lower on the thigh, and they have a pocket on each side. Plus, they’re cheaper.

Lululemon Find Your Pace Short 3 “Line ($ 68): These shorts are the lightest and most airy, giving them that barely-felt feel. If you prefer a higher, flatter belt, they beat Tracksmith in the loose short category (adding another level of comfort). Due to the crack in the side and the thin fabric, they are also super breathable. Tracksmith has come in terms of overall comfort – they don’t move as much on the run as these, which flap in the wind – but this choice certainly makes me feel quick.

Amazon Core 10 Knit Waistband Woven Run Short ($ 26): From our first budget brand, these shorts are a little less comfortable than yoga shorts while adding a bit to the inner thigh. But the higher flat waist and airy cut make it a great choice for shorts with a really warm and sweaty budget.

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