Best Plus Size Outdoor Gear for 2021

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  • Finding the right equipment and Works well – a major hurdle faced by big outdoor adventurers.
  • Most street brands only offer sizes up to 2XL, which inherently excludes people with large bodies.
  • We spoke to 7 big adventurers about their favorite outdoor gear that fits well and is functional.

If you want to do something outdoors besides the usual walking tour – take a hike up the mountain, climb V12, run fast, ride your bike – you need gear to protect you from the elements. You might think that the biggest obstacle to technical gear is cost, but what really matters is finding gear that really suits your body. and can keep up with your adventures.

Despite the fact that the average woman size 16 or 18 (XL-2X)This is often the size ceiling for most street brands – if they double at all. While nature lovers love to claim that outdoor nature is for everyone, lack of access to well-equipped technical gear has become a form of control.

“In general, when you are a big person, sometimes you have to come up with creative solutions”, Celeste Meek, an avid traveler from Las Vegas, running Fat girl for a fit soul– told Insider. “The most important thing is to be comfortable with your equipment, which will allow you to explore and enjoy your adventure.”

In an effort to make going outside more accessible for everyone, we spoke to seven self-proclaimed fat adventurers and athletes about their favorite gear – whether creative or custom-made – that truly fits and can keep up with their bodies. them outside.

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